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Facilities Assistant (Part-Time)


Assists Facilities Manager transporting and organizing supplies and equipment for ministry events and programs. Works with facility and ministry staff to perform a variety of tasks in the building and grounds. Responds to technology requests that include audio visual, computer & sound system. Sets up for ministry and tenant activities.


-High School diploma

-2 years of comparable work experience

-Must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license with a clean record.
-Problem solving ability

-Must be able to communicate with all levels of employees in order to effectively perform a wide variety of duties.
-Demonstrated skill to work independently without specific instructions.
-Demonstrated skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with supervisor and fellow employees.
-Evidence of spiritual maturity, including integrity, humility, and self-discipline.
-Involvement in a local church
-Lifts, carries and/or pushes/pulls various items (bags, boxes, carts, etc.) while utilizing proper technique.

-Must be able to stand, walk, lift, squat, bend, twist, climb, and reach above shoulders at various times throughout the workday.

-Must be able to:

Lift up to 15 lbs. from floor to overhead.
Lift up to 50 lbs. from floor to chest-level.
Lift and carry up to 50 lbs. at waist height a reasonable distance. Push/pull with 50 lbs of force.

-Require that incumbent have stamina for continuous walking/standing.
-Exposure to extremely hot, humid, and freezing cold temperatures along with rain, sleet and snow. Temperatures may range from -20 to 100 F.
-Atmosphere in work area may contain dust/dirt, odors and fumes.
-Operates all equipment necessary to perform the job.

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